Get Involved!

Every campaign relies on the enthusiasm, energy, and skills of its volunteers, and we’re no different. Don’t just sit around waiting for Election Day (that’s June 5, 2018, by the way). Instead, roll your sleeves up and join in on the fun! We’ll be updating this page with specific needs, but feel free to contact us directly and let us know if you want to help out in any way possible!

Campaign Positions Available

WordPress / PHP / CSS Guru

While this awesomely cool site might look friendly and simple, in reality, it’s a hard-working beast of a WordPress site, delivering information 24-7. We’re looking for a volunteer who is familiar with WordPress, PHP, and/or CSS to help us make the site even better. This is a very part-time commitment, with no specific schedule.

Social Media Wrangler(s)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my! So much social media goodness, and so little time. We’re looking for a volunteer (or group of volunteers) to help us get our message out on these and other social media platforms. We’ll take all the time you’re willing to give us, especially as the campaign heats up, but are cool with a casual time commitment if that’s all you can manage.