The Women’s March – Coming Together for a Better, Safer, and More Equal Society

On January 20th, 2018, the second annual Women’s March was held across the U.S. I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Modesto March, and the PKforDA team came out in force. It was an incredible experience!

Approximately 1,500 people participated in the March, with every age, race, gender, and even political persuation (not to mention several species!) represented. The sight of over a thousand marchers walking up to the rally in unison was deeply moving, something that I will never forget.


At the rally, I had the opportunity to speak to dozens of marchers about my campaign, and to listen to their requests, ideas, and concerns . With this much diversity of marchers, there was also a great deal of diversity of opinion! But one thing was consistent. The voters I spoke to agreed that we need a change at the District Attorney’s office, and were generously willing to hear my message and vision. I was humbled by your stories, and will do my best to honor your faith and desire for change.


Events like the March make it clear. Our community may be facing many challenges, but we can overcome any of them if we are united and work together. That’s what our campaign is about, after all. Making Stanislaus County safer, together.