A New Contender

Today, John Mayne, a Deputy District Attorney who has served under Birgit Fladager for over a decade, announced that he is also running for District Attorney. Patrick issued the following statement in response:

I welcome John to the race, and look forward to running against both him and Birgit. John’s decision, as a long-time member of Birgit’s team, to enter the race makes the need for a new district attorney clear. John was one of Birgit’s strongest supporters in her original race, and now is frustrated enough with the mismanagement of the office to run against her. I agree that something has to change.


While John would be an improvement over Birgit, electing him would mean repeating the same mistake once again. By electing a strong prosecutor with no management experience to a role that is nearly entirely managerial we would again be choosing a good person for the wrong position. Like Birgit, John’s strength lies in the courtroom, where each of them have achieved notable successes. But Birgit hasn’t personally litigated any cases since being elected, and we have seen her litigation skills wasted, without strong management skills to replace them.


Stanislaus County needs and deserves a well-run District Attorney’s office with a capable and proven manager at the helm and a strong team of skilled prosecutors in court. We have already lost the majority of our skilled prosecutors to Birgit’s poor management, and it makes no sense to take another skilled prosecutor off the line to continue doing what doesn’t work. Instead, I believe the voters of our county will be better served by someone from outside the office.


With twenty years of actual management experience in both the public and private sector, I know how to build and retain a winning team, provide accountability and transparency, and make responsible use of public funds. I look forward to the opportunity to make my case to the voters before the election, and to working with John and the rest of our dedicated prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and members of the criminal justice system after the election. Let’s make our county safer, together.

The full PDF statement is available for download here.

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