Patrick Got A Mention In Jeff Jardine’s Column

Our first official recognition by the local media happened! Jeff Jardine’s column on the outcome of the Frank Carson case had the following little blurb:

But losing such a case and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars certainly would be ammunition for someone to oppose Fladager is 2018, should she choose to seek a fourth term. Carson will be arraigned April 24 and could refuse to waive time, meaning the case could go to trial within 60 days and possibly be over in time to affect the outcome of an election.

One candidate, Modesto criminal defense attorney Patrick Kolasinski, filed March 31 to run for DA, citing the department’s inefficient management along with the problems it has had with discovery – as has been a problem in the Carson case – and poor morale.

Politicians, including DAs, are elected officials who run on their records to get re-elected. The decisions they make today can be gold mines for their opponents tomorrow.

Well, at least the online version of the article had that quote. Jeff didn’t know about the campaign when he wrote the original version, so those who read the hard copy of the paper missed out on the announcement. But Jeff was kind enough to correct the oversight when it was pointed out to him, so readers of the digital version got the full story!

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