It’s Official! The 2018 District Attorney Race is on.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit us. I am Patrick Kolasinski, and if you live, work, or play in Stanislaus County, I want to be your next District Attorney. We have a long ways to go before the June 2018 election, but I know that, together, we can win this race and bring an era of accountability, transparency, and security to Stanislaus County!

Looking Forward

In the coming days, weeks and months, this site will be filled with information about my campaign, my platform, and all sorts of other fun stuff. For now, thank you for your patience, and please pardon our dust. Also, while you’re here, please take a moment to sign up to be a part of our campaign by completing our super-quick Campaign Sign-Up Form.

3 Replies to “It’s Official! The 2018 District Attorney Race is on.”

  1. Our current DA’s office has successfully prosecuted and convicted rapists, and has exhibited complete commitment to and empathy for victims of crime and victim’s families. They maintain excellent rapport with law enforcement, specifically regarding sex crimes. Current district attorney maintains close ties with state government (e.g. C. Galgiani, et al) and works closely with them to write tougher sentencing guidelines and other legislation for convicted criminals, paticularly for sex crimes. No mean feat in the current climate under Brown. Let’s say I agree an organizational cleanup of the DAs office is called for. I have questions that need to be addressed before I even consider switching my (fairly firm) allegiance to the present office holder. Birgit came to the office with extensive prosecution chops. You are a defense attorney. How did you choose that field? What is your experience in prosecution? How do you anticipate transitioning from your current position to its polar opposite? How do you balance your philosophy and values around the accused’s right to a fair trial with the aggressive prosecution stance required for this position? What core values drive your desicions about what cases are prosecuted? (I am not fond of prosecuting only what we can ‘win’; I think there’s other equally important factors that can and should impact that decision.) What do you bring to the table regarding sex crimes (and maybe crime in general) that is different from abd better than Fladager ? What are your thoughts on your role in state government?. Do you have a role? Do you have relationships with State officials? Who? Can you build and maintain a strong relationship with local law enforcement as Birgit’s office has done? How will you protect integilrity in that office? What is your leadership style? How will you garner respect for yourself and your office in our community? I suppose these questions are a good start… Thank you

    1. Hi April,

      I apologize for not approving your comment earlier, but I only just now saw it on our system, buried in a stack of spam comments. Thank you for taking the time to raise your questions, I’m happy to answer them as best I can. I’ll try to be brief here in the comments section, and will work on a dedicated post to answer your questions in detail shortly.

      For this short answer, I hope you don’t mind if I take your questions a bit out of order. First, allow me to address the perception that, as a defense attorney, I am the “polar opposite” of a prosecutor. I disagree – both of us work toward the same goal, justice, in the same environment. Both of our professions deal closely with law enforcement, witnesses, defendants, victims, and the courts. We may take opposite sides of issues in court, but much of our focus and work is the same. Defense attorneys are fond of explaining that we don’t work to get people “off” on charges, we work to ensure that the system, and especially prosecutors and law enforcement, do their job correctly and that justice is served. Prosecutors, in turn, make sure (in selecting the cases to file) that law enforcement officers have done their work correctly, and then hold the defense to account so that our side doesn’t act improperly. Both sides fight to ensure that the courts are not biased to one side or the other, and each side has a duty to make sure that the rules are followed by everyone. I have experienced your colleagues (properly) dismissing cases where police misconduct is found, and have myself acted to make sure my own witnesses and clients don’t get the idea that they can lie on the stand. At the end of the day, if each side does its job competently and honestly, justice is served.

      The remaining questions deserve a more detailed response than I can provide here, but I promise I will give you a full and detailed answer in a separate post soon. I thank you in advance for your patience. Additionally, if you and/or your colleagues would like to meet in person to discuss where I stand and take a measure of my preparedness and qualification to lead your office, I would happily oblige.

      Thank you,

  2. I am primarily a civil attorney with some criminal defense experience from long ago. I have been dismayed by some of the cases our district attorney has decided to pursue. But I rely on what my colleagues say who defend or have in the past prosecuted the accused. Patrick is smart, well informed and has a good organizational background. I have consulted with him on behalf of clients and I like his forthright and well reasoned approach. I also especially appreciate his integrity and enthusiasm. I think he would be a great District Attorney and support him in this race.

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